The key elements for addressing and resolving the security issues, in accordance with quality requirements, in addition to technological knowledge, are the adherence to standards

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ICT security is no longer associated with complexity, but with efficiency.

TLOGOS is able to assist customers in the difficult path to achieve and maintain their business objectives through the definition of Information Security Management models to cover specific functional areas.



Information security is the central element of TLOGOS IT solutions. Our mission is to protect the information throughout the lifecycle by identifying the countermeasures to manage and mitigate the risks. We work in order to change IT Security into a process that can evolve to follow management and organizational changes.


TLOGOS business model is the result of an over decennial activity in technical, management and organizational areas. This allows to offer solutions and services with high added value designed to protect the company’s assets and to identify technological solutions and design, functional to the business growth.

Standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 29151, ISO 29134, GDPR define the principles, rules and requirements that companies must adopt in order to ensure the security of business processes and to protect markets and investors.

Business Enabling

TLOGOS interacts with customers following the maxim:

Look to the future with the awareness of the present.
Respond to the customers’ needs indicating how to face the future, starting from the nowadays specificity.


TLOGOS is a specialized IT Security consulting company, founded with the objective to support customers in the difficult task of protecting information, lifeblood of businesses and new engine of economic development.

The knowledge, the professionalism and the continuous updating of resources are the essential merits that distinguish TLOGOS and on which partners and customers rely, and it is precisely on these assumptions that TLOGOS undertakes to transform the security in an integral part of the business model of its customers and an opportunity for differentiation and growth.